The Biggest Gym Pet Peeves

Tired of the disgusting and rude behaviors you encounter at the gym? Us too.

February 13, 2013
woman on phone at gym
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At one point or another, we've all seen disgusting, irritating, or perplexing behavior by others at the gym. Whether it's puddles of sweat left on machines, a meathead hoarding dumbbells in a packed weight room, or the iPhone addict gabbing away on the treadmill next to you, for some people common decency seems to disappear in the health club setting. The editors of Fitbie have seen it all. To get it off our chest, we rounded up our top pet peeves in hopes that you don't make any of these fitness faux pas.

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men by weights
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Equipment Hogs

"I can't stand people who monopolize one piece of equipment and won't let you work in. There is a guy in my gym that puts his bag down next to the squat rack to reserve it, even though he's not ready to use it yet. (Search: strength training exercises) Then once he gets on it, he spends hours there, 25 percent of the time lifting, 75 percent of the time walking around and talking to his friends while he rests between sets." --Danielle Kosecki, Associate Editor

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towel on floor
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Lazy, Inconsiderate Exercisers

"My pet peeve is gym-goers that do not pick up after themselves--free weights, foam rollers, towels, yoga mats. If you used it, put it back where it belongs, especially in the locker room. Dirty towels left on the floor? Gross! Please just toss it in the basket on your way out." --Lindsay Snow Osborn, Interaction Designer

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women talking at gym
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Wannabe Experts

"I'm not a fan of unsolicited advice. I get it. My form is not always perfect, but unless you're a personal trainer, I really don't want your pointers." --Mary Squillace, Associate Editor

shower in locker room
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Locker Room Nudists

"I hate when exercisers don't make an attempt to cover their bodies in the locker room. Everyone could benefit from a little modesty." --Jennifer Weaver Perry, Video Editor

women doing yoga
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Late Class Disrupters

"It drives me crazy when people arrive late to yoga, especially in the beginning of class when we're in the middle of starting our meditative breathing exercises. Sometimes we even have to rearrange mats for the late people, which is really irritating. If the class has started, you shouldn't come in late and disrupt everyone." --Darcy Strobel, Associate Photo Editor

woman on elliptical
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Pretend Workouts

"It drives me crazy to see people coasting on the elliptical. Every morning at my gym, one woman bops along with zero resistance on the machine. She doesn't even break a sweat!" -- Christine Mattheis, Editor

man starting at woman at gym
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Tasteless Ogling

"I don't like when people stare or gawk at women at the gym, especially when it's my wife." --David L'Heureux, Senior Editor

woman with dumbbell
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Overly Done Exercisers

"I'm not a fan of women who go to the gym ready for a photo shoot, not a workout. For example, women who do cardio with their hair down, a full face of makeup, and no sports bra. The point of the gym is to sweat, not look pretty." --Jennifer Moncayo, Assistant Editor

woman on cellphone
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Non-Stop Talkers

"I don't like when people talk on the phone at length, or socialize loudly with friends. It makes it so hard to get into the zone." --Jessica Chia, Intern