The Best Gifts for Every Fitness Fanatic

Whether you’re surrounded by yoga junkies, CrossFit devotees, or tri-hards, we’ve pinpointed the perfect presents for all of your favorite fitness nuts

December 7, 2012
fitness gift guide
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Do you have a friend who spends all her time in the cycling studio? Or a parent who plans on tackling a 5-K? How about a member of the CrossFit cult? No matter what your loved ones' fitness goals--or what your budget--we've found a gift for everyone on your list.

Unleash Your Hottest Body

Reebok CrossFit OLY Lifter
2/23 Courtesy of Reebok
For the CrossFitter: Spend

Reebok CrossFit OLY Lifter
At a mere 13.4 ounces, these light-as-air shoes help you complete even the most challenging Workout of the Day (what's a WOD?) without feeling weighed down. Their heel wedge offers extra stability, and U-form technology ensures a comfortable fit.

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Reebok CrossFit Gloves
3/23 Courtesy of Reebok
For the CrossFitter: Save

Reebok CrossFit Gloves
While blistered, calloused hands may be a point of pride for some CrossFitters, most will welcome these gloves, which offer protection during every deadlift, snatch, and power clean. Not to mention they look a lot cooler than open sores.

Inside the Cult of CrossFit

Garmin Forerunner 10
4/23 courtesy of Garmin
For the Rookie Runner: Spend

Garmin Forerunner 10
The newest and most cost-efficient Garmin GPS watch monitors pace, distance, time, and calories burned, while keeping track of running milestones--like your longest and fastest runs. The walk/run mode allows brand-new runners to ease into the sport by signaling when they should switch between walking and running intervals. Even technophobes will be able to navigate the watch's easy-to-use interface, and three flashy colors (green, pink, and black) add a dash of flair.

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5/23 Courtesy of Yurbuds
For the Rookie Runner: Save

Yurbuds Inspire Headphones
Music might be the boost new runners need to get started. Conveniently, these never-budge buds allow them to enjoy their tunes on the go without constantly fiddling with their headphones to keep them in place. Yurbuds lock in place once you set them inside your ear and give them a twist, and each pair comes with two different sizes of buds to guarantee the most snug and comfortable fit. Six color choices sweeten the deal.

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Zobha Ruched Capri
6/23 Courtesy of Zobha
For the Barre-fly: Spend

Zobha Ruched Capri
Perfect to wear while channeling your inner ballerina, these ultra-flattering leggings provide a feminine look while still letting you move freely and comfortably. Fifteen color options give you the chance to stand out, and ruching detail at the ankles add enough style to help you easily transition from the barre to the bar.

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ToeSox knee-high socks with grips
7/23 Courtesy of ToeSox
For the Barre-fly: Save

ToeSox Half Toe with Grip Knee High Sock
If toe socks and leg warmers made a baby, this is what we imagine their adorable offspring would look like. The grips on the socks' soles and exposed toes work to keep you grounded as you plié your way into shape. Ankle-length and full toe variations are also available. 

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Timex Health Plus Heart Rate Monitor
8/23 Courtesy of Timex
For the Spin-ster: Spend

TIMEX Health Touch Plus Heart-Rate Monitor
Spinning is a great way to work up a sweat, but it's easy to cheat: Your instructor won't know if you're secretly cranking the pedals with no resistance because you're in charge of your own resistance knob. With TIMEX's heart-rate monitor, indoor-cycling enthusiasts can get more from their workouts. As they pedal, they can check their heart rate zone, which will let them know whether they should boost intensity or ease up. The watch displays your target heart rate zone, current heart rate, and calories burned.

Take a DIY Spin Class

Lululemon 105 F Singlet
9/23 Courtesy of Lululemon
For the Spin-ster: Save

Lululemon 105 F Singlet
It's inevitable: If you take a spin class, you're going to sweat like a pig. That's where this eye-popping tank from Lululemon comes in. The lightweight, loose-fitting, moisture-wicking top keeps you feeling comfortable and looking stylish--even when drenched.

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yogaglo gift card
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For the Yogini: Spend

A year of unlimited yoga classes
YogaGlo allows both buffs and beginners to stream online videos of yoga classes taught by certified professionals. Select from 10 different styles of yoga, and then filter by difficulty, duration, and instructor. Newbies can brush up on the basics in seven-class introductory sessions that help them build up to a 60-minute class, while those more experienced with the practice can learn to master advanced poses and sequences. If you don't want to splurge on an entire year, you can buy six months ($108), three months ($54), or one month ($18) instead.

Create an At-Home Yoga Studio

My Custom Mat
11/23 Courtesy of My Custom Mat
For the Yogini: Save

Customized yoga mat
Your favorite yogi will stand out in class with her own personalized mat. Choose from 20 mat colors and then select a shade and font for the recipient's name or initials, which will be embroidered on the top of the mat. In addition to earning style points, all mats are standard length and have a non-slip textured surface. Add a customized carrying case for $30.

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Lululemon Daily Om Duffel
12/23 Courtesy of Lululemon
For the Fitness Fashionista: Spend

Lululemon Daily Om Duffel
Looks can be deceiving--people who eye this stylish bag on your shoulder won't ever guess it's full of sweaty gym clothes. The medium-size bag looks office-appropriate, while offering an organized way to tote all of your workout gear. It includes a shoe pouch, a separate bag for your wet and stinky garments, and removable straps for your yoga mat, as well as compartments for toiletries and electronics.

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Sparkly Soul headbands
13/23 Courtesy of Sparkly Soul
For the Fitness Fashionista: Save

Sparkly Soul Sport Headband
Designed by a marathoner and triathlete, this glitzy accessory isn't all for show--it holds strands in place during even your most high-impact exercises with its no-slip design.

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Epic Treadmill
14/23 Courtesy of Epic
For the Marathoner: Spend

EPIC A42T Treadmill
The so-called dreadmill may have finally ditched its unflattering monkier. The newest 'mill from Epic keeps even the most reluctant indoor runners engaged with challenging workouts and entertainment, allowing them to train through the winter, no matter the weather (hello, Boston!). Runners choose from pre-programmed runs modeled after real routes from across the globe. As they work up a sweat they'll be accompanied by a full-color street view of the course and the incline and decline will move according to the terrain. As if that weren't entertaining enough, multitaskers can also browse their favorite websites or check email using the display. Available exclusively at Dick's Sporting Goods.

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Asics Printed Calf Sleeves
15/23 Courtesy of Asics
For the Marathoner: Save

Asics Printed Calf Sleeves
Compression gear may help reduce muscle soreness and speed recovery by improving blood circulation. And, functionality aside, these showy sleeves make a great addition to any runner's race-day outfit. Choose from a bright pink splatter design, blue and white stars, or a neon green and black-checkered pattern (we think this one would be perfect for a St. Paddy's Day race).

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Obermeyer Logan Cocona Jacket
16/23 Courtesy of Obermeyer
For the Ski Bum: Spend

Obermeyer Logan (women's) and Ketchikan (men's) Cocona Jackets
$475 (women's) or $525 (men's);
This candy-colored coat won't just turn heads on the slopes; it's specially designed for performance. The moisture-wicking lining and insulation provided by the Cocona shell work together to keep you toasty, while also allowing maximum breathability. Lined pockets keep your hands warm, while inside pockets keep your goggles and electronics safe. Other details we love include the detachable goggle cloth and inner cuffs with thumbholes.

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AERIAL7 Sound Disk Sports Beanie
17/23 Courtesy of AERIAL7
For the Ski Bum: Save

AERIAL7 Sound Disk Sports Beanie
The next time your pal hits the slopes she'll be surrounded by her own soundtrack, thanks to this beanie that doubles as a personal sound system. The moisture-wicking cap holds adjustable, removable sound disk speakers that you can wear directly over your ears to immerse yourself in your jams, or behind your ears if you want to be able to be able to hear what's going on around you. It also has a built-in microphone that you can use with your phone and easily fits under a ski helmet.

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sugoi tri suit
18/23 Courtesy of Sugoi
For the Triathlete: Spend

Sugoi RS Tri Suit
Outfit the triathlete in your life with this slick speed suit. First-timers and veterans alike will appreciate the comfort and performance afforded by the flat seams and ventilated compression fabric. Available in men's and women's.

Yes, You Can Be a Triathlete!

Keep Calm and Triathlon poster
19/23 Courtesy of Etsy
For the Triathlete: Save

"Keep Calm and Triathlon" Poster
The "Keep Calm and..." poster trend has almost run its course, but this poster is too cute and punny to pass up. We bet it will look fantastic in your favorite triathlete's office!

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Lazer Genesis Road Helmet
20/23 Courtesy of Lazer Sport
For the Cyclist: Spend

Lazer Genesis Road Helmet
Safety may be first, but style and function aren't far behind when it comes to the Lazer Genesis, which was one of Bicycling magazine's 2012 picks for best helmet of the year. The sleek-looking helmet has a low profile, and can adjust around your entire head, instead of only in the back. Best of all it comes with cool accessories, like the Aeroshell, which you can stamp on to protect yourself from the rain or wind.

Bike Your Butt Off!

The Secret Race, Tyler Hamilton
21/23 Courtesy of Amazon
For the Cyclist: Save

The Secret Race: Inside the Hidden World of the Tour de France: Doping, Cover-ups, and Winning at All Costs
In his riveting the behind-the-scenes look at the world of professional cycling, Tyler Hamilton details how performance-enhancing drugs pervaded the top levels of the sport. Hamilton was Lance Armstrong's top teammate during his first three Tour de France wins, and saw Armstrong's rise firsthand. But the book is beyond a finger-pointing tell-all about PEDs. Hamilton, a confessed doper himself, shows the pressures that led to drug use and convinces the reader that PEDs weren't a shortcut to winning, but the only way one could train and compete in the grueling sport.

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Weider adjustable kettlebell
22/23 Courtesy of Weider
For the At-Home Exerciser: Spend

Weider Adjustable-Weight Kettlebell
This space-saving weight is like having seven kettlebells in one. Adjust it from 5 to 20 pounds to tailor your workout to your ability level. Bonus: The bell comes with a Jillian Michaels workout DVD.

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Perfect Fitness Resistance Band Set
23/23 Courtesy of Perfect Fitness
For the At-Home Exerciser: Save

Perfect Bands Set
Give the gift of a total-body workout. If you use them correctly, resistance bands can be used to sculpt just about every muscle in your body. This set comes with three bands offering up to 5, 10, and 15 pounds of resistance, as well as a door anchor, storage bag, and workout guide.

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