Mini Get-Moving Moves

Making small lifestyle changes can add up to huge health gains

October 5, 2012

Sometimes you just have to sit down. Office workers and commuters especially know it's not always possible to get off your backside. What everyone can do, however, is add small changes like these. Just be careful in the car, where moving around could distract you from the road, says James Levine, M.D., Ph.D.

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At Work
Ask for a desk you can use while standing. If your boss doesn't go for it, stand up to take phone calls or swap your chair for a stability ball.

Use the restroom farthest from your office, and drink extra water to stay hydrated and increase your number of trips to the loo.

Send your documents to a printer on another floor or on the other side of the office.

Create a screen saver that reminds you to stand up and stretch.

If you commute via bus or train, pace up and down the platform or sidewalk while you wait for your ride.

At Home
Do mundane tasks (bill paying, e-mailing) while standing.

Pace around the house while you talk on the phone.

Carry in your groceries one bag at a time.

Take a few minutes to make your bed every day.

Chop your own veggies instead of buying precut produce.

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