Be Mine: 4 Fun Fitness Valentines

Card shops all sold out? We have you covered. These free, fitness-inspired love notes are the perfect way to tell your honey (or favorite gym buddy) that having them around is good for your health

February 8, 2012
box of chocolates
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Chocolate, Hold the Calories

Short of gift-wrapping a bottle of water, indulgent zero-calorie treats are few and far between. But since it's truly the thought that counts, show your better half that you're willing to deliver the impossible--even if it's just printed on a free card. Download yours here!

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guy running shirtless on a beach
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You’re My Cardio

Does your runner's high pale in comparison to the way you feel when your main squeeze enters the room? Print this free Valentine to tell your honey, "No post-workout endorphin rush compares to you." (And that's really saying something.) Download your free Valentine here!

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couple meditating
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You Feel Like Om To Me

Is it hot in here, or is it just your blazing passion? (Or maybe it's the 105-degree Bikram studio you're standing in.) Print this free Valentine for the one who keeps you balanced to let them know you're over the (half) moon for them. Download your free card here!

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muscular man not wearing a shirt
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Absolutely Fabulous

Oh, don't mind him. He's just here to deliver a note about how awesome you are. Shirtless. This Valentine is perfect for the friend who deserves a little extra lovin' in her inbox. She tells you when you have something in your teeth, responds to your text messages at 2 AM, and even lets you have the bigger half when you "split" dessert. Download your free Valentine here!

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