6 Workouts for Six-Pack Abs

Whether you want to flatten your belly or reveal rippling muscles, these workouts will produce a middle anyone would melt over

December 6, 2010
Couple with great abs walking on the beach
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6 Ways to a Better Belly

No group of muscles gets more glory than a smokin' six-pack--and it's no wonder. A well-kept waistline improves your posture, keeps you healthy, and--let's face it--turns heads when you hit the sand come summer. Whether you're going for a god-like 8-pack or hoping to tone at home, these workouts from Prevention, Men's Health and Women's Health magazines will help you melt fat and make over your midsection. (Related: 7 Flat-Belly Food Tricks)

Discover how you can become slim, calm & sexy in just 15 minutes a day!

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More Muscle in Less Time

With just six moves, this fast-paced plan will help you shed fat and build muscle in the same time it takes to find a TV show you actually want to watch.

Seize Your Six-Pack

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Say Ohm for Abs

Toning your tummy doesn't have to involve endless crunches and time at the gym. Find flat-belly bliss at home with this torso-tightening yoga workout created by Tara Stiles, author of Slim Calm Sexy Yoga: The 15-minute Yoga Solution for Feeling and Looking Your Best from Head to Toe.

Yoga for Great Abs

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Your Ultimate Eight-Pack

If you knew you could carve out 8-pack abs, why would you settle for six? This workout uses unique exercises and a variety of equipment to shape abs that make a serious statement when you're shirtless.

The Ultimate Eight-Pack

Woman swinging her hips
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Shake Your Way to Slim

This 15-minute belly dancing workout will help you wiggle away that stubborn weight, revealing your sexiest midsection. The hip-swinging moves are an amazing and fun way to tone your tummy and strengthen your core.

The Slim-Down Shimmy

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Out with the Old, in with the Abs

You'll never get stuck in a rut with these challenging exercise upgrades. New spins on the plank, crunch, back extension, and more will leave your workout refreshed and your abs rippling.

Try these 5 New Ab Exercises!

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Sun, Surf, Six-Pack

Get ready to whip off your cover-up the second bikini season arrives. This 6-week plan combines fat-burning cardio and exercises that target your entire core--without a single crunch!

Flatten Your Belly in 6 Weeks