The 13 Hottest Celebrity Bodies (Post-Baby)

Body-After-Baby transformations of America’s hottest stars

April 6, 2012
Pregnant Jessica Simpson
1/14 Pacific Coast News
Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson's pregnancy was one of the biggest of the year--literally. By the time she gave birth to 9 pound, 13 ounce Maxwell Drew on May 1, she had packed 170 pounds onto her 5-foot-4 frame. It may not be long, though, before she can slip back into her Daisy Dukes. With the help of Weight Watchers and a workout program that combined walking and strength training, today she's within 10 pounds of her goal weight. (Read more about her weight-loss strategies here.)

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Simpson certainly won't be the first starlet to tackle a body-after-baby transformation. We have a sneaking suspicion these celebrity moms logged their maternity leave at the gym.

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2/14 INFPhoto
Claudia Schiffer

The German-born supermodel shot to fame in the '90s. Fast-forward two decades and the fashion icon, wife, and mother of three has a body that rivals ladies half her age.

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Janurary Jones walking red carpet
3/14 Getty Images
January Jones

The Mad Men star returned to work just weeks after giving birth to son, Xander. Though her character packed on pounds and debuted a much curvier figure at the start of the show's fifth season, Jones had no problem losing her baby weight in real life. We don't know her secret, but maybe eating her own placenta jumpstarted the process.

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Halle Berry in black dress
4/14 INFPhoto
Halle Berry

The newly engaged actress looked radiant during her pregnancy with daughter Nahla. She effortlessly returned to the Bond-girl shape she donned in Die Another Day shortly after.

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Nicole Kidman on red carpet
5/14 INFPhoto
Nicole Kidman

Kidman slimmed down from her 2008 pregnancy with Sunday Rose so quickly it prompted speculation that she faked the entire birth. Either way, her miraculously slender and statuesque figure is one of the best post-baby bodies we've ever encountered.

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Scary Spice in bikini
6/14 Splash News
Mel B

You may know her by her moniker, Scary Spice, but there's nothing scary about her body at all. The mother of three has an abs-olutely unforgettable six-pack and is rumored to do hundreds of situps a day.

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Jessica Alba
7/14 INFPhoto
Jessica Alba

You would never know that she popped out not one, but two beautiful bundles of joy. Her waistline is also proof she has her post-baby workout plan mastered.

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Kate Hudson in red dress
8/14 INFPhoto
Kate Hudson

The Something Borrowed actress was recently spotted sporting an itsy-bitsy striped bikini (and a flawless body to match) after giving birth to son Bingham less than a year ago.

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Miranda Kerr walking runway
9/14 INFPhoto
Miranda Kerr

The Australian supermodel--and Orlando Bloom's other half--was lingerie-ready less than a year after giving birth to her son. It's proof that the 80/20, healthy/indulgent food ratio she uses is working.

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Heidi Klum walking runway
10/14 INFPhoto
Heidi Klum

The longtime Victoria's Secret Angel and mother of three managed to accomplish nothing short of a miracle: Walking the catwalk just weeks after giving birth to her youngest child Lou in 2009.

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Jenny McCarthy in a bikini
11/14 Splash News
Jenny McCarthy

It's hard to believe the comedienne, autism activist, and former Playmate tipped the scale at 211 lbs. when she was pregnant. She looked amazing when she debuted her bikini body after giving birth to son Evan.

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Gwen Stefani on beach
12/14 INFPhoto
Gwen Stefani

The "Holla-Back Girl" and mother of two shed her baby weight and didn't skip a beat when it came to re-sculpting her much loved six-pack.

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Jennifer Lopez performing
13/14 Getty Images
Jennifer Lopez

"Jenny from the Block" took a short hiatus from the entertainment world to raise twins, Max and Emme. She later debuted a svelte (and single and ready to mingle) figure during her American Music Awards performance.

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Jennifer Hudson
14/14 INFPhoto
Jennifer Hudson

It took Hudson a little longer to drop her baby baggage--and then some--but her transformation is still nothing short of miraculous. Now a Weight Watchers spokesperson, Hudson credits the program to her 80-pound weight loss.

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