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Want to get more out of your favorite workout classes like Zumba and aqua aerobics? Treat your feet to a pair of shoes made specifically for the demands of each

February 15, 2013
Reebok Urlead
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Best for Dance Cardio

Unlike regular sneakers, the Reebok Urlead ($75; has a traction-free "spin spot" located under the ball of each foot to help you twist and pivot without sticking to the floor. Plus, extra cushioning helps reduce shock during jumps, keeping your feet comfy.

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Speedo Hydro Comfort 2.0
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Best for Water Aerobics

Make a splash at your next aqua workout with Speedo Hydro Comfort 2.0 ($65; The rubber bottom grips the pool floor, ensuring you feel surefooted and powerful. Bonus: The ventilated mesh upper allows water to drain easily, so shoes dry faster postworkout. (Search: Find an aqua class near you)

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Blake Brody In-Studio Footwear
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Best for Pilates

Keep sweaty feet steady when sculpting on the Reformer machine with Blake Brody in-Studio Footwear ($98; Traction pads prevent slipping off the foot bar, and the comfy, flexible soles allow natural, barefootlike movement.

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Capezio barre shoes
4/4 Mitch Mandel
Best for Barre

Trust the shoemaker of choice for prima ballerinas. Capezio's Fizzion ($40; is customizable with straps and laces to guarantee a snug, supportive fit. Another pro: The grippy sole offers extra control (without sticking) when balancing.

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