The Hottest Celebrity Bodies of 2012

Whether you’re looking for some inspiration to get you to the gym, or just a little eye candy to get you through the day, these smoking superstars deliver

May 2, 2012
hot celebrity bodies
1/25 Warner Bros., Splash News, Corbis Images

Sure, Hollywood's crawling with buff bodies, but we wanted to find out which A-listers have the fittest figures. (Video: 5 Moves for a Bikini-Ready Body) In a Ryan vs. Ryan showdown (Reynolds vs. Gosling, natch) whose abs reign supreme? When an American Idol alum goes head-to-head with a Dancing With the Stars darling, who has the best gams of all? And does up-and-coming hottie Taylor Kitsch have the shoulders to upend steely Hugh Jackman? Read on to find out which celebrities came out on top with the best arms, abs, legs, and more.

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Viola Davis and Julie Bowen
2/25 Corbis Images; Getty Images
Best Arms: Julie Bowen vs. Viola Davis

Here, two award nominees go head-to-head--er, arm-to-arm. When Modern Family momma Julie Bowen snagged an Emmy, we couldn't take our eyes off of her bulging biceps. Meanwhile, Viola Davis' best red carpet accessory was her chiseled pythons at this year's Oscars.

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Viola Davis
3/25 Corbis Images
Best Arms Winner: Women

Davis didn't need any help giving Bowen a run for her money. She may not have walked away with a golden statue on Oscar night, but her super-cut guns alone earn her the grand prize in our eyes.

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LL Cool J and Chris Hemsworth
4/25 Getty Images; Everett Collection
Best Arms: LL Cool J vs. Chris Hemsworth

This is one muscle match-up not to be toyed with. LL Cool J is a member of the 40-plus club but packs more muscle than most 20 year olds. But can the seasoned R&B star (and kangol hat lover) beat the God of Thunder?

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Chris Hemsworth
5/25 Everett Collection
Best Arms Winner: Men

The Ladies Love Cool James (and his bulging biceps) but we're still blinded by Chris Hemsworth's beams.

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Halle Berry and Jessica Alba
6/25 Getty Images
Best Women’s Shoulders: Jessica Alba vs. Halle Berry

From the looks of it, these busy moms never give working out the cold shoulder. Carrying around a three-year-old helped Alba re-sculpt her shoulders (and wiggle back into an itty bitty bikini) just five months after giving birth to her second daughter. Berry's got a four-year-old tyke on her hands. (Her broken foot that canceled her appearance at this year's Oscars was even said to be the result of running after her daughter.) 

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Halle Berry
7/25 Getty Images
Best Shoulders Winner: Women

While both actresses top hottest-women-alive lists, it's hard to get over how good 45-year-old Berry looks for her age. We can't wait to see her sculpted shoulder peaking out of a wedding dress when she ties the knot with her new fiancé, French actor Olivier Martinez. (Search: Who is Olivier Martinez?)

Hugh Jackman and Taylor Kitsch
8/25 Corbis Images; Walt Disney Pictures/Courtesy Everett Collection
Best Shoulders: Hugh Jackman vs. Taylor Kitsch

Just call it the action hero showdown. Our jaws dropped when Hugh Jackman--aka Wolverine--showed off his broad shoulders beneath those tiny wife beaters, but Taylor Kitsch is sure giving him a run for his money for swoon-worthy upper half in his baring turn as John Carter.

Ultimate Shoulder Strength

Hugh Jackman
9/25 Corbis Images
Best Shoulders Winner: Men

A better name for the X-Men and Real Steel star might be Hugh Jacked-man. (Yes, we went there.) It doesn't matter if he's playing a troubled mutant or a reformed convict in the upcoming Les Mis--Jackman's got a strong shoulder we'd like to lean on.

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Rihanna, Leann Rimes
10/25 Splash News
Best Abs: Rihanna vs. Leann Rimes

These two musical ladies have middles that would make any model jealous. Rihanna is no stranger to baring her abs back in her native Barbados, nor is Leann Rimes who seemingly spent all winter clad in a bikini.

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11/25 Splash News
Best Abs Winner: Women

Rihanna might draw mixed reactions when it comes to her "are-they-aren't-they?" relationship with Chris Brown, but where abs are concerned, the vote's unanimous. "We found love" with the Barbadian beauty's strong and sexy stomach.

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Warner Bros.; Everett Collection
12/25 Warner Bros.
Best Abs: Ryan Gosling vs. Ryan Reynolds

Welcome to the battle of the Ryans. They share the same first name and, apparently, a penchant for sit-ups. Reynold's abs are enough to warrant proposals from adoring fans around the country, while Gosling's were able to drive him to the top of almost every hot-body list.

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Ryan Gosling
13/25 Warner Bros.
Best Abs Winner: Men

When People magazine failed to name Gosling 2011's Sexiest Man Alive, women everywhere just about rioted. We hear ya, ladies. His shirtless performance in Crazy, Stupid, Love won us over, too.

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Kate Hudson and Zoe Saldana
14/25 Getty Images; Corbis Images
Best Women’s Back: Zoe Saldana vs. Kate Hudson

It's a-ok if these beauties turn their backs on us. Even when technology transformed her into sci-fi princess Neytiri in Avatar, Saldana's sexy back took center stage. Hudson morphed into a crazy girlfriend in How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, but a backless yellow dress couldn't keep Matthew McConaughey's character away.

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Zoe Saldana
15/25 Corbis Images
Best Back Winner: Women

Since this is back wars, not Bride Wars, Saldana takes the cake for most toned traps. Years of dance training as a teen certainly paid off.

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Michael Phelps and Taylor Lautner
16/25 Getty Images; Johnstone/Raishbrook/Splash News
Best Back: Taylor Lautner vs. Michael Phelps

I'm sure if we were part man, part wolf and walked on all fours our back would be as chiseled as Lautner's but the Twilight star faces tough opposition the man who perfected the butterfly stroke and has the muscles to match.

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Michael Phelps
17/25 Getty Images
Best Back Winner: Men

We're definitely team Michael at Fitbie, and with a perfect back, and abs, and legs he didn't have any trouble wading through the competition. 

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Eva Longoria and Jessica Biel
18/25 Corbis Images; Splash News
Best Butt: Jessica Biel vs. Eva Longoria

One wedding-planning woe Jessica won't have: Slimming down for the big day. We can't get enough of her super-toned bod. And though Eva didn't find marital bliss with her hoop star ex-hubby, there's nothing desperate about her divine derriere. But who will walk away with the award for best rear view?

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Jessica Biel
19/25 Splash News
Best Butt Winner: Women

We hope Jessica doesn't opt for a ball gown--it would be a shame to hide one of her best assets under layers of tulle. We're not too worried though. She will have plenty of opportunities to shake her tail feather in a string bikini if a tropical honeymoon is in the works!

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Jerry O'Connell and Daniel Craig
20/25 Splash News
Best Butt: Daniel Craig vs. Jerry O’Connell

The spy Daniel Craig portrays has a license to kill, and his taut tush has a license thrill. However, Jerry O'Connell has come a long way from the chubby kid we saw in Stand By Me. even though O'Connell's 2011 TV series The Defenders flopped, his assets are as firm as ever.

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Daniel Craig
21/25 Splash News
Best Butt Winner: Men

We're proud of O'Connell's hunky transformation since his Stand By Me days (as well as his ability to rock a speedo), but, in our eyes, Craig's booty isn't a 007, it's a perfect 10.

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Carrie Underwood and Julianne Hough
22/25 Getty Images; Corbis Images
Best Legs: Carrie Underwood vs. Julianne Hough

What would Ryan Seacrest do if he had to choose between the gorgeous gams of American Idol princess Carrie Underwood and the endless stems of his lady love, triple-threat singer, dancer, actress Julianne Hough? Easy--he'd let America choose. We're not going to open up the phones, but picking which pair of lovely legs to crown wasn't an easy task! Carrie works cowboy boots and daisy dukes just as well as sequins and stilettos. But could Julianne's winning turns on the Dancing With The Stars stage give her a leg up on the competition?

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Julianne Hough
23/25 Corbis Images
Best Legs Winner: Women

Maybe it's the years of jumping and jiving in glittered heels, but Julianne's toned legs are second to none. And you'll be seeing plenty of them in the upcoming movie rendition of Broadway's Rock of Ages. Hough struts her stuff across the screen in everything 80s from super-tight mini skirts to high-waisted bikini bottoms.

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David Beckham and Zac Efron
24/25 Getty Images; Pacific Coast News
Best Legs: David Beckam vs. Zac Efron

Zac Efron (see him on the cover of Men's Health) danced his way into our hearts in High School Musical but trailers for his latest movie, where he plays a U.S. marine, have left us chomping at the bit. David Beckham is a tough contender (we've all seen his bodywear ad) and with an insurance policy reportedly in the millions, he has two of the most expensive limbs in the business.

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David Beckham
25/25 Getty Images
Best Legs Winner: Men

There's no wonder why these puppies are insured. Victoria Beckham is one lucky gal.

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