6 Race Day Expectations vs. What Actually Goes Down (PHOTOS)

If only every race day was picture perfect.

July 15, 2014
Women Running

1. Expectation: You'll go to bed super early the night before so you'll be well-rested by the time that 5:45 a.m. alarm goes off.


Reality: You're unsure what's more unpleasant: the 5:45 a.m. alarm come morning or Fran Drescher's voice.  

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2. Expectation: You'll get to the race way in advance and make it in and out of the porta-potty line with tons of time to spare, raising your hands in victory.

Reality: You and everyone else get there extra early, resulting in the longest line in the history of lines. Think if Ryan Gosling were holding a casting call for a potential wife … long. 

3. Expectation: You're going to look wonderful in those brand new running capris.

Reality: You look great. Like, final rose ceremony flawless. But man, you should have washed 'em first because hello itches you cannot touch in public. 

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4. Expectation: You're just running this for fun, not a care in the world except to finish. 

Reality: The adrenaline during your run fuels you to a new PR.

5. Expectation: You're going to immediately look hotter to every man on Instagram because you just ran an epic race and have the photos to show for it! 

Reality: Most men aren't awake when you're posting your slammin' race photos. Gotta love that 7 a.m. race time. 

6. Expectation: You and your girlfriend will have a total blast running this one together. You can't wait to take pics! 

Reality: The two of you couldn't have had a more different race strategy if you tried. While she's a start slow, finish fast kinda girl -- you're a slow and steady wins the race … the entire time. Alas, she owes you. 

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