4 Tips for Skyrocketing Your Gym Motivation

Don't freak. It happens. It's time to refocus.

March 20, 2015
woman gym workout

We've all been there: After day-in and day-out of debating between hitting the snooze alarm and actually getting up and going to the gym, finally the snooze wins. It's not that you're not happy with your progress, it's just that, well, taking care of your body can involve a certain amount of work. (They don't call it working out for nothing!) 

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So what should you do if I start losing motivation? Don't freak. It happens. Give yourself some slack. Sometimes lack of motivation is a subtle form of fatigue or overtraining. Here are four expert tips for amping up your gym motivation, adapted from Holly Perkins' CSCS upcoming book Women's Health Lift to Get Lean

1. Take 1 or 2 days off from exercise. If you once felt an enthusiasm about your workouts and now you're feeling more "blah," you might need a few days to regenerate your physical inspiration. Allow yourself some rest and see how you feel in a few days. Often, that's all it takes to get back in the swing. 

2. Mix up your routine. If you normally exercise in the morning, try moving your workouts to the evening for a week or two. If you've been following one of the programs with strength and cardio workouts only, try adding in one new workout next week. Try yoga, Spinning, outdoor hiking, or a dance class. It's amazing what a new experience can do for your motivation. Human beings like variety—it's possible that your lackluster motivation is simply boredom. 


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3. Sit down with a journal and finish these four sentences:
• I started this fitness program because ... 
• I am feeling unmotivated today because ... 
• I know that if I take action and complete my scheduled workouts this week I will feel ...
• I want to achieve my fitness goals because it will make me feel ...

4. As you review what you wrote, remember these things:
• All progress in life requires new action. In order to be different, it is essential that you behave differently. 
• Making your fitness program a priority demonstrates that you are making yourself a priority. Taking care of your commitments at work, at home, and with friends is important. You will be a better partner, friend, and parent if you prioritize some time for yourself. 
• In order to achieve your goals, you absolutely must take action. Reconnect with all of the reasons that you started this journey—they are important.