25 Signs You're Hooked On Running

You haven't been this obsessed with something since [insert boy band of choice]. And that's OK.

April 18, 2014

1. You actually know how long you've had your sneakers for. 
2. You've done research on your next pair ... you're at LEAST 2 months away from buying them. 
3. You find yourself "horrible" at doing any other forms of exercise. 
4. ... Mostly because running doesn't need to revolve around anyone else's schedule.
5. Half of the things you post on [Instagram/Facebook/Twitter] have the hashtag #seenonmyrun.
6. You know exactly what kinds of bottoms you like running in, own at least three pairs, and dread the moment that small hole in the crotch turns into a full-out rip.
7. Your sports bra collection dominates your regular bra collection.
8. Which is a problem considering you're running out of drawer space.
9. You keep tennis balls at your place. You don't play tennis.
10. Your hair is more often in a ponytail than in any other form.

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11. As much as you love the cute [side braid/bun/insert name of funky fit hairstyle here] look, you know very well it won't stay put for more than 7 minutes.
12. You and the treadmill have the same kind of relationship as Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber: It's hard to stay away but MAN does it annoy you after a while.
13. You know that money can buy happiness in the form of post-run bagels, smoothies, pizza, and all things carbs. 
14. Going without running for a week feels ... awkward. Almost as awkward as this.
15. You constantly question if you need a gym membership but then tell yourself that you obviously use it to lift weights and go to classes. (Translation: You never actually lift weights OR go to classes.)
16. You've succumbed to the notion that spending $2 on Gu isn't the end of the world.
17. You still hate spending $2 on Gu.
18. You have more iPhone photos of scenery from your morning runs than you do of anything else (aside from what you ate for dinner last night, and the night before, and the night before ...)
19. You have this inability to admit that you should probably see a doctor when your [knee/ankle/calf/shin] hurts you.
20. Your [knee/ankle/calf/shin] hurts you more often than you'd like to admit.

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21. Your relationship with the active wear section at Target is borderline Facebook official.
22. You've altered the text on your morning iPhone alarm to say "GET OUT OF BED AND RUN, BADASS."
23. The entry fee for road races bothers you, but you justify it by thinking that the super cool tech T-shirt would have cost you about the same.
24. You replace your Bodyglide more frequently than you replace your deodorant.
25. You remember when you couldn't run for longer than 5 minutes.