10 Things We Learned From 'Body Fat Breakthrough' Reddit AMA

Dr. Ellington Darden answered questions about fitness and his latest book.

April 30, 2014
Dr. Ellington Darden

Body Fat Breakthrough author Ellington Darden, Ph.D was on Reddit today for an "Ask Me Anything" Q&A. Here are 10 things we learned from Dr. Darden:

Ainid_85 asks: I am a female that have been lifting since 13-14 years old (now I am 28). I started this week your diet and exercise (30-30-30), and I need to say how "easy" and simple your instructions and methods are to understand and put in practice. I am curious that I didn't feel sore after yesterday's workout (the 1st one). I did take a cold shower 30 min after it, but I am afraid I should be lifted more weight to feel more results. What is your suggestion about it?


Dr. Darden: You'll probably feel more soreness, once you get the resistance on each exercise just right. But you are much better off starting light, and getting the movements correct, than jumping into heavier weights. Keep progressing, but don't lose your focus.

Hungarianwind asks: I bought your book. TOUGH workout! Is it essential to do all the 10 Fat Bombs to get the results like the people shown in your book? I'm finding it really hard to do the cold plunge!

Dr. Darden: Yes, the cold plunge is tough. Go in for a couple of minutes. Each time try to stay a minute longer. Six or 7 minutes is all you need.

Monsterguns asks: I'm on my second week of workouts. The first week I was so sore I couldn't lift again for 4 days. is that typical?

Dr. Darden: Soreness occurs at first. After the first couple of weeks, it should be much less. Also, a cold plunge helps a lot.

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Runningchik asks: I really like the simplicity of your Fat Bombs. I've lost 11 pounds in 15 days. My question is why do you recommend frozen dinners as part of he meal plan? It seems to go against current thinking about clean versus processed foods.

Dr. Darden: I like the frozen microwave dinners because they teach you to eyeball the correct serving sizes. All of the dinners I recommend are around 300 calories. After a couple of weeks of frozen dinners, you can move to what you called "clean" foods. But at the same time, processed foods are not necessarily bad.

Guac247 asks: Besides those with Celiac disease, is there any negative effects of having gluten in your diet?

Dr. Darden: The experts I read in food and nutrition say that less than 1% of the adult population in the US are intolerant to gluten. None of the 145 people that I worked with in my dietary research in Gainesville, Florida, had a problem with gluten.

BornToReadIt asks: Do you promote the use of Nautilus and other machines as a replacement for free weights, and particularly barbell, training?

Dr. Darden: Yes, I believe Nautilus machines and some other machines are better at building muscular size and strength than are barbells. But I'm not against using barbells. A barbell is a good tool, if it's applied properly. The average trainee doesn't apply machines or barbells in the most appropriate manner for the best results.

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Jpm612 asks: I always see people at the gym pumping out lots of fast reps. Is this an effective technique?

Dr. Darden: Fast reps are not as productive as smooth, slower ones. And fast reps are certainly more dangerous than slower reps.

Lmz120 asks: What's your take on CrossFit? I know a lot of people who were injured during CrossFit workouts.

Dr. Darden: I'm not a fan of CrossFit. There are much better ways to fitness.

Bulk_Van_Der_Huge: I'm pretty skeptical about your ice pack method.

Dr. Darden: After an intense workout, an U-shaped ice pack placed around the back of your neck can help activate what's known as brown fat. Brown fat is a special type of adipose tissue that can help eliminate heat calories. Some important research out of Stanford University detailed this concept. Google: Craig Heller and Dennis Grahn.

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Zahlman asks: What do you mean by "negative-accentuated"? Slow eccentrics or something?

Dr. Darden: It's a smooth, slow form of emphasizing eccentric muscle action.


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