10 Signs You're in Love With Your Workout Class Instructor

He has tons of other admirers, too (which makes it really hard to see him every week).

September 3, 2014

There's no denying it: Some fitness instructors are just easy to fall in love with. They play amazing music, get you psyched to work hard, and push you to do your best. Of course, nine times out of 10, their good looks don't hurt either. 

Think you've got a serious gym crush? Check out these 10 signs you're in love with your instructor:


1. You count down the days to your sweat session. It's Wednesday and you don't go to bootcamp until Friday, but your after-work gym bag is most definitely already packed. 

2. You worry about what you wear to class. Roughly 99 percent of the time, you exercise in whatever is on top in your dresser drawer, but when you know you're seeing Mr. Abstastic? There you are, digging to the bottom, looking for those booty-lifting Under Armour capris. 

3. You are NOT OK when someone takes your prime spot in class. You picked that location for the amazing view of and awesome access to your instructor. When someone who has no clue about your "relationship" takes it from you, you get heated.

4. You need at least two demos to understand how to do each move. The first time, you're too focused on his biceps to get the full gist of what's going on. 

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5. The man who shows up in your dreams each night to whisk you off on a romantic getaway is often Ryan Gosling -- and is just as frequently your instructor.

6. You follow your instructor on all sorts of social media. He could tweet about his love for even the most evil 'Bachelor in Paradise' villain, and you'd still 'favorite' it.

7. You get excited for the most taxing workouts. 40 burpees? Not a problem. 

8. You know when your instructor is on vacation. And when he's off, you debate not going to work out since he won't be there—but then you realize you want to look just as good when he comes back. 


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9. You linger after class. You won't skip an opportunity to trade small talk post-workout—but first you run to the mirror to re-do your messy bun.

10. You never miss a sweat session. If a gym crush is what it takes to get your rear into gear? Then so be it. You look good with or without this hunk on your arm.