Fat Loss Tips from a Fitness Cover Model

April 25, 2013

You’ll be slipping into that itsy-bitsy bikini in no time—don’t you want to rock a sculpted physique when you first step onto the beach this year? Oxygen Magazine cover model and registered dietitian Tiffani Bachus shares her secrets for getting in swimsuit-ready shape, even while balancing a busy career and being a mother of three.

You were featured on the cover of Oxygen Magazine’s Fat Loss issue last year—can you share a few nutrition tips  to help people look and feel their best during swimsuit season?
Start now! Don’t try to do a quick-fix plan. Eat lighter  in-season foods, such as salads, micro-greens, sprouts, green leafy vegetables, plant-based carbohydrates, beans and legumes, while consuming fewer “heavy” foods, like oils, beef, sugars, and grains.


As a registered dietitian, what common misconceptions about diet and weight loss do you hear from your clients?
Many people have the misconception that by eating fewer calories and skipping meals early in the day that they will lose weight. Cutting calories may work for a short period of time, but your metabolism will slowly shut down and your body will begin to use your hard-earned muscle for fuel, known as catabolism.  When that happens it could further hinder your fat loss.

What are some easy swaps people can make today to start on their way to getting in swimsuit-ready shape?
Eat plain Greek yogurt instead of fruit on the bottom yogurt. Greek yogurt has double the protein and contains no added sugars. For more flavor plus extra fiber and antioxidants, add fresh berries.

Swap quinoa for white rice. Quinoa is a whole grain with a complete amino acid profile (protein). One cup of cooked quinoa packs in 5 g of fiber, where white rice is a refined carbohydrate that has been stripped of its nutrients.

Use date sugar rather than table sugar. Date sugar consists of dates ground into tiny pieces that are loaded with iron and fiber, as well as other vitamins and minerals.

Do you have any words of wisdom for people who have tried every diet in the book without success?
The best advice I can give for long-term success is to build a foundation. The key is to find a nutrition and fitness plan that works for you and be consistent. Figure out what makes you feel good and develop a plan that you can stick with. It's not about hitting a number on the scale and then reverting back to bad habits. It's about choosing every day to live a healthy lifestyle. This means you have wiggle room to cheat on occasion but you always go back to your foundation. 

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