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We Proudly Announce The Rodale 100!

Every day there is a dizzying array of new headlines announcing ways to live longer, healthier, and happier lives. Keeping track of it all is our business. Here at Rodale, we've been watching out for the latest, greatest, and most innovative people and companies in health, wellness, and organic lifestyle since J.I. Rodale launched our first publication back in 1942. So you could say it takes a good deal to impress us. But these 100 people, products, companies, and organizations do just that.

Each honoree on the Rodale 100 has been rigorously researched and vetted by our outstanding committee of award-winning journalists, activists, and experts to spotlight who and what will be changing the face of the health and wellness universe in 2016 and beyond. We know you will be impressed and inspired by these incredible stories and we hope they will ignite you to improve your own health and wellness and that of the people and environments around you in the coming year. Click on any of the categories above to be informed and inspired.