Tom O’Bryan

Tom O’Bryan, DC, CCN, DACBN, is an internationally recognized speaker and writer on chronic disease and metabolic disorders. He is considered the world expert on the impact of wheat sensitivity on autoimmunity. In 2013, he organized the Gluten Summit, the first Internet gathering of more than 25 experts in a particular health field. Dr. O’Bryan has more than 30 years of experience as a functional medicine practitioner and is a member of the teaching faculty at the Institute for Functional Medicine. He is the author of The Autoimmune Fix.

About The Autoimmune Fix: How to Stop the Hidden Autoimmune Damage That Keeps You Sick, Fat, and Tired Before It Turns Into Disease

Autoimmunity—the root cause of most weight gain, brain and mood problems, and fatigue—can take years for symptoms and a clear diagnosis to arise. The Autoimmune Fix includes two comprehensive 3-week plans that provide practical and much-needed guidance for navigating common conditions to help you feel better and develop a plan that works for you.

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