Melissa Moore

Melissa Moore is an Emmy-nominated television investigative journalist with Warner Brothers' Crime Watch Daily and the host of LMN's Monster in My Family. She is an internationally recognized expert and speaker on the topics of trauma recovery, domestic violence, and serial crimes. She is the author of her memoir, Shattered Silence, as well as WHOLE.

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About WHOLE:

WHOLE is the culmination of Melissa Moore's years of research, interviews, and personal experience: A step-by-step program to heal from trauma and live a full life no matter what or who is in your past. Melissa spells out actionable steps for moving through the five stages of healing after a painful experience: Watch the Storm (avoiding reactivity), Heal your Heart (forgiveness as action), Open your Mind (creativity in finding solutions), Leverage your Power (using your pain to fuel your momentum), Elevate your Spirit (paying forward gratitude, positivity, and love).

In each phase of the program, Melissa inspires you to embrace your past to find your own wholeness within your "broken" life. If you are stuck in the rut of a painful experience—whether by depression, trauma, pain, fear, addiction, or guilt—you will find comfort in this book's advice, self-evaluation, and action plans. WHOLE blends together prescriptive advice with personal story and the result is a safe-zone for you to find your own path toward healing, happiness, and health.

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