Gino Campagna

For more than 15 years, Chef Gino Campagna has made it his personal mission to raise kids' food IQs and help fight childhood obesity. His philosophy? If kids are involved in their food choices and preparations, they will be more motivated to try new, nutritious foods. In addition to starring in the kids' cooking shows Kitchen Kids on YouTube and Gino's Kitchen on the Disney Channel, serving on Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution team, making guest appearances on A&E's Emmy Award-winning show Born This Way, Chef Gino teaches kids to cook in Los Angeles and Italy, and is the author of Chef Gino’s Taste Test Challenge: 100+ Winning Recipes That Any Kid Can Cook

Smashed Squash: Mashed Apple and Butternut Squash
This is a recipe perfect for the whole year round!
Savory Me A Crepe: Savory Crepes
Now this is a crepe recipe you can make for dinner.
Pizza S'More: Dessert Pizza With Chocolate & Marshmallows
I've invented a pizza that bridges Italian and American culture. Please don't thank me, but maybe just vote for me: Chef Gino for president?
King of the Breakfast Bell: Bell Pepper Rings With Eggs Inside
This recipe is fun because it looks cool but also because the ring of bell peppers add a little more texture and flavor to the usual sunny-side-up eggs!
Zucchini Boats: Zucchini Stuffed With Meat
Use your leftover meat to create this tasty next-day treat that'll delight the whole family.
Cocoa Noodles: Chocolate Pasta in Cinnamon Sauce
Sweet pasta may sound like a strange idea. But the kids will love it, and love making it, too!
Chef Gino's Kitchen Rules for Cooking With Kids
These are my must-do rules that you absolutely can't forget when you're cooking with the whole family.