They Beat Diabetes with Exercise

Find out how six people fought type 2 diabetes with fitness—and transformed their bodies in the process

October 26, 2012

Ben Carstens, Alicia Murphy, Zack Sailer
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The American Diabetes Association estimates that 25.8 million people suffer from diabetes--including 7 million who have gone undiagnosed. (Search: Diabetes symptoms) While this disease is potentially devastating, type 2 diabetes can be conquered. Take it from these six individuals. Saddled with extra pounds, distressing family medical histories, and diabetes diagnoses, they decided to get their health back on track by getting fit. Discover how they dropped weight and left diabetes in the dust. (Diabetes isn't only threatening those who are overweight. See how it's affecting a new group of people, in Young, Slim, and Diabetic.)

Discover the breakthrough diet that can help eliminate the need for pills and injections!

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