9 Posh Fitness Finds

Kitchen tools and workout gear we’d snag if money were no object

February 15, 2013
Wilson Steam 99S
Courtesy of Wilson
Wilson Steam 99S

Designed using proprietary monitoring technology, this racket increases ball spin by 200 revolutions per minute. The extra force makes tennis balls fly higher and longer--the equivalent of lengthening the court by a foot and lowering the net by two inches--making it easier to play like a pro. (Related: The Best Workout for Weight Loss)

$220; Wilson.com

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Oakley Airwave
Courtesy of Oakley
Oakley Airwave

A built-in display inside these ski goggles connects to your smartphone to show incoming calls, maps, and keep track of your buddy's location while you're catching air. Sensors also provide instant feedback for jump analytics that include speed, distance, height, and airtime. (Video: Olympic Snowboarder Louie Vito Talks Training Tips)   

$600; oakley.com

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Under Armour Armour39 System
Courtesy of Under Armour
Under Armour Armour39 System

Push your workouts to the next level with this complete digital performance monitor system, which includes a watch, strap, and smartphone app. This innovative tracking system measures real time heart rate (counts every single heartbeat), calories burned, and intensity. It's perfect for any workout, as the strap hugs the center of your body to capture and measure every movement you make.

Watch $200, Module & Strap $150, underarmour.com

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The Kenwood Cooking Chef Kitchen Machine
Courtesy of Williams-Sonoma
The Kenwood Cooking Chef Kitchen Machine

This machine allows home cooks to blend, chop, mix, stir, whisk, and knead. We weren't immediately sold on this gadget's eye-popping price tag until we realized it housed an induction burner beneath the bowl that cooks ingredients on its own. You have to admit, it's a lot cheaper than hiring help.  

$2,000; williams-sonoma.com

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Vitamix Professional Series 500
Courtesy of Vitamix
Vitamix Professional Series 500

We've dubbed this blender "the weight loss machine" because it makes eating fresh, whole ingredients easier than ever. Whip fruit into juice or frozen dessert in seconds. Crush nuts into fresh milk and wheat berries into whole ground flour.  Amp up the horsepower and it will even blend and cook soup you can pour and serve directly from the container.

Still wondering if it's worth the price? This blender cleans itself.

$600; macys.com

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Adidas Porsche Design Bounce Shoes
Courtesy of Adidas
Adidas Porsche Design Bounce Shoes

Get the best run money can buy with these high-tech kicks. Designed with car-inspired suspension system, the Bounce transfers vertical impact into forward propulsion for a smooth, stable run. That's not all: The futuristic-looking shoes feature an innovative one-piece mesh shell that offers maximum breathability and cushioning.

$480, adidas.com

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Polar RCX5 Multi-Training Computer Watch
Courtesy of Polar
Polar RCX5 Multi-Training Computer Watch

Get every bell and whistle you could think of with this state-of-the-art training watch for triathletes and runners. This advanced gadget tracks heart rate, calories, altitude, and can even help push your training intensity with personalized pace and goal settings. This all-in-one computer is the perfect personal trainer for endurance athletes. 

$470, polarusa.com

Liv/giant Envie Advanced 0 Bike
Courtesy of Liv/giant
Liv/giant Envie Advanced 0 Bike

Female cyclists are swooning for this top-of-the-line bike. Why? It's the first aerodynamic road bike created specifically for women. And, Olympic champion Marianne Vos helped test and design it. Every aspect of this bike is created to maximize speed and comfort, from the lightweight frame to the new brake system and handlebars. This bike is no joke. For serious cyclists and triathletes only.

$6,200, livgiant.com

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Lucas Hugh Lexington Leggings & Liberty Sports Bra
Courtesy of Lucas Hugh
Lucas Hugh Lexington Leggings & Liberty Sports Bra

Hit the gym in these designer duds for a fashionable sweat session. Featuring aerial photographer Jason Hawke's New York City skyline image, this matching sports bra and leggings ensemble is made of featherweight moisture-wicking fabric. Be careful though, you might be mistaken for a celeb, like Elle Macpherson and Sienna Miller, who have been seen wearing this look.

Leggings, £225, Sports Bra, £105, lucashugh.com 

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