10 Weight Loss Bloggers You Should Follow

These web-savvy women share every bite, weigh-in, workout, and body image issue with their readers, inspiring others as they strive to maintain a healthy lifestyle

February 17, 2012
Brooklyn Fit Chick
Courtesy of Brooklyn Fit Chick
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Margo Donohue launched Brooklyn Fit Chick in 2012, but her wellness journey started in 2002 when she kicked her smoking habit and decided to wholly devote herself to a healthier lifestyle.

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“It was never about weight loss for me but more about gaining endurance and increasing my lung capacity, which had been compromised from years of cigarettes,” she says. “I used to get winded climbing stairs and now I teach 10 spin classes per week—who knew?”

Donohue shares everything from playlists (“Music is a huge motivator for me,” she says) to favorite health and fitness articles to “cheesy” workout DVDs. She also reviews top wellness magazines like Women’s Health, Shape, and Self each month—a reader favorite. “My main is goal is to be both fun and informative,” Donohue says. “If I can make you smile, learn something, find a cool new band, or inspire you to get to the gym that day, my work is done.”


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