The 10 Biggest Yoga Fails

A few wrong moves, and your yoga class can do more harm than good. Get the most from your practice by avoiding these common mistakes.

October 15, 2013
Yoga: You're doing it wrong
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Yoga's an everywoman activity, but just because anyone with a mat and a will can bust some yoga moves, doesn’t mean you’re doing it right—or getting the most out of your hour.

“When you practice yoga on autopilot, not looking at your mistakes and working to correct them, your form and awareness suffer, reducing your practice’s benefit and increasing your risk of injury,” says yoga expert Kimberly Fowler, author of Flat Belly Yoga! and founder of YAS Fitness Centers. And we aren’t just talking newbies here. “Yoga is a practice. You never achieve perfection,” she explains. “The goal is to constantly improve.” 

So whether you’re a beginner or experienced yogi, chances are that your practice can benefit from some fine-tuning. Fowler suggests you start by watching out for these 10 common yoga mistakes.

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