14 Foods That Fight Sunburn

Soothe—or prevent—scorching sunburn with common kitchen ingredients.

July 23, 2012

Stop (or Soothe) a Sunburn

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Sunburn treatment may start in your fridge! Sure, no one sets out to get sunburned, but the pleasant distractions of summer--the long, sunny days, the beckoning beach, losing track of time in the garden--all make it easy to forget that extra coat of sunscreen, or the need to take a break in the shade. Of course, it's best to practice sunburn prevention and stop a burn before it starts, given its ability to cause skin cancer and premature aging. Luckily, common foods in your kitchen possess sun-protection and compounds to aid your current sun-protection routine. Others may not help prevent sunburn but offer surprising relief if you do accidentally catch too many rays.

Check out these natural food remedies to deal with--or prevent--summer sunburns...

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