The Weirdest Foods Our Presidents Ate

Every Presidents' Day, our nation’s commanders in chief are remembered for their leadership. This year, honor our past presidents by recognizing the preferences of their palates. From decadent to pragmatic to downright gross, our former leaders had unusual tastes

February 15, 2013
Bill Clinton
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Yes, he'll take fries with that. Bill Clinton's penchant for fast food was famously captured in a Saturday Night Live skit in 1992. And the video doesn't stray far from the truth--during a regular run in the capitol, Clinton, along with his secret service crew, really did stop at a McDonald's for a Big Mac. The cheeseburger wasn't the 42nd president's only taste for all-American cuisine. Clinton was partial to it in the White House too, much to the chagrin of the official chef who preferred to serve sophisticated French fare. He was later replaced by Chef Walter Scheib, who dished up traditional American meals with a healthy slant.

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