Your Perfect Summer Superfood Salad

June 5, 2012

Fresh & Seasonal

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A multivitamin is a terrific insurance policy, but did you ever eat an insurance policy? Not very tasty or satisfying. Even with a good balsamic vinaigrette. But this--The Rodale Superfood Salad--this is another story. This salad tastes amazing, and it's loaded with the most nutritious organic produce possible, plus healthy fats and protein for long-lasting energy. In fact, it's a crime to even call it a salad. It's a meal, a nutrient-dense smorgasbord that will leave you feeling satisfied but not bloated (heading to the beach anytime soon?).

Another bonus: Nearly all the ingredients are in season now at your local farmer's market, or soon will be, which means they're even better for you. Produce that's eaten closer to the time it's picked has higher nutrient levels than the bland stuff shipped from far, far away.

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1 / 14