Ten 400-Calorie Subway Meals—Exposed!

Are Subway’s eat-fresh meals healthy? Read this before you order

October 18, 2012
Fresh Fraud?
Mitch Mandel
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Every healthy woman has been there: You're on a road trip and you're so hungry you feel dizzy. You pull into a rest stop, far from your fridge or your favorite farm-to-table joint, and your choices for lunch are fast food, fast food, and, yup, more fast food. If there's a Subway in sight, we're going to wager you'll pick it every time.

With its "eat fresh" claims, weight-loss poster-boy Jared, and a partnership with the Biggest Loser, Subway certainly has a reputation as the healthy alternative to burger-and-fry chains. Over the past three years, Subway has reduced the sodium in its low-fat sandwiches by an average of 28%. It boasts a line of lower-cal "Fresh Fit" sandwiches, and their build-your-own option allows you to pile on veggies and forsake high-fat toppings (at least if you're having a strong-willpower kind of day.)

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But are Subway's "fresh, nourishing ingredients," as the company's website describes them, really as healthy as they sound? Calories are not the only measure of healthfulness, and our investigation reveals that understanding Subway's ingredient lists practically requires an advanced degree in chemistry. To get an idea what's in your sub, click through our assessment of 10 "healthy" Subway meals under 400 calories.

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