The Best and Worst Grab-and-Go Breakfast Foods

Discover six packaged eats that will ruin your morning—and some just-as-convenient healthy alternatives

September 14, 2012

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During your morning rush, think twice before you grab a packaged pastry or toaster waffle on your way out the door. "Many of these foods are full of calories, but lack the vitamins, minerals, fiber, and other nutrients you need," says Heather K. Jones, RD, author of The Grocery Cart Makeover. "A healthy breakfast should have no more than 500 calories, 450 mg sodium, and 10 g of added sugar." Instead, look for foods with clean ingredient lists--few additives and chemicals, and more recognizable "real" foods, like fruits and nuts. They should ideally also have at least 5 g protein, and made with whole grains. Aim for about three to four grams of fiber, and "the less sugar the better," Jones says. 

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