The Cheapest Snacks for Health Nuts

You don’t have to skimp on nutrition just to save a dime. Try these satisfying and nutritious noshes under two bucks

July 28, 2011
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Preparing healthy foods can be expensive. According to the June 2011 Consumer Price Index, prices for foods prepared at home have increased almost 5% in the past year. But before you plunk your change into the vending machine for a cost-effective, yet nutritionally void, quick fix, take note: For the price of a candy bar, and in most cases, a bit less, you can have a healthy and filling midday snack. The key to selecting a satisfying treat is to look for nutrient-dense foods and combine food groups, according to Jim White, RD. "A piece of fruit is not enough," he says. To stay full, you need to incorporate a mix of carbohydrates, protein, and even a little bit of fat. Here are five filling combos that pack a nutritional punch, and won't leave your pockets empty.

Shop smarter by adding these healthy edibles to your grocery list

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