The Biggest Big Game Fat Bombs

You won’t believe your eyes when you discover how many of these big game baddies you’re tucking in

January 26, 2012
Mitch Mandel/Thomas MacDonald
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No matter which team you're rooting for in the big game, chances are you're going to rack up calories faster than a running back. Aside from Thanksgiving, we eat more on big game Sunday than on any other day of the year--an estimated 1,200 extra calories and 50 grams of fat on top of our usual three squares. (Search: How many calories should I eat on a regular day?) But that's not the only disgusting food fact behind football's biggest day of the year. For example, Americans eat millions of pounds of guacamole and build "snackadiums" containing more than 45,000 calories a pop. Here, we've rounded up cringe-worthy big game food stats that might push you to the sidelines. (What was your most indulgent big game snack? Tell us on Facebook!)

Try Instead: Healthier Big Game Foods

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