The Best Workouts to Banish Stress

Unclench your fist, set down the stress ball, and pick up your gym bag. A sweat session will help clear your head, boost your mood, and relieve built-up muscle tension

April 8, 2011
Fitness Defrazzlers
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Using the excuse "I'm too stressed to exercise!" is like saying you're too tired to sleep or too hungry to eat. A workout is actually the perfect way to release physical and mental tension while torching calories to boot. "Any time you move, your body is primed to release endorphins," says Liz Neporent, a spokesperson for the American Council on Exercise. It doesn't matter if you're pumping iron, hiking, or doing yoga--any form of physical activity spurs the production of mood-boosting and body-relaxing chemicals in your brain, she says.

Still, not everyone has the same stress-relief style. Some need a laugh, others a scream, others a long, deep breath. Use the following eight workouts to find your ideal way to unwind.

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Try the Slim, Calm, Sexy, Yoga workout to banish stress for good!

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