9 Cutting-Edge Abs Exercises

These supercharged moves will help you define your six-pack without a single crunch

The Editors of <em>The Men's Health Big Book of Exercises</em> October 27, 2010

Better Ways to Amazing Abs

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There are a number of reasons that crunches are unproductive, but we're going to focus on six: the number of muscles you hope will emerge on your abdomen as a result of time spent grunting on the ground. Crunches primarily target your rectus abdominis, leaving the rest of your core--your transverse abdominis, back extensors, hip flexors, and obliques--largely unchallenged and ignored. The following moves from The Men's Health Big Book of Exercises focus on spinal stabilization to work your entire middle region. This is essential for lower-back health and peak performance in any sport, in addition to maximizing the abdominal muscles that are most visible on--you guessed it--your six-pack.

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