10 Indoor Workouts to Carry You to Spring

Wave good-bye to outdoor exercise! This chilly weather is here to stay, but it's no reason to give up on winter workouts. Push through your fitness cabin fever with these challenging indoor routines

February 18, 2011

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Not sure if you can spend the rest of the season running on the treadmill and lifting weights while staring at the same square of wall? We can't blame you if your workout motivation is waning, but before you go stir-crazy--or give up on winter fitness altogether--take the opportunity to tackle one of these awesome indoor workouts. You'll hardly miss the wind whipping through your hair when you see what these moves can do for your body. (VIDEO: An easy indoor workout you can do in your living room)

Too exhausted or busy to squeeze in the gym? Try these 6 simple moves between commercial breaks.

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