Svelte, Sexy, and Over 60

Don’t even think about calling these sizzling celebs seniors! They’re here to prove that your sixth decade could be your sexiest yet

August 3, 2011
Helen Mirren, Age 66
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She played "The Queen" on the silver screen, but superfit Helen Mirren was granted a new moniker this week. Stacked up against models, near-royalty, and even a Pussycat Doll, this dame claimed the title of "Best Body" in an LA Fitness poll, teaching us once and for all that you can still sizzle at 66. Her win is hardly a shock, considering just 3 years ago she made serious waves when she showed off her knockout bod in a teeny red bikini. But Mirren isn't the only over-60 celeb that still has it. The following sexy not-so-senior citizens prove that age is truly just a number.

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