11 Celebrity Yoga Secrets

Why Hollywood's hottest stars hit the mat

October 4, 2013
Celebrity yoga secrets
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If you were to poll red-carpet walkers about the secret to their stellar physiques, chances are yoga would be the winning workout. And this star fitness favorite isn't just a fad. “Celebrities have been doing yoga forever,” says Kimberly Fowler, yoga expert and author of Flat Belly Yoga. “It keeps your muscles long and flexible, which is a better look than big bulky muscles, and it’s a workout you can continue to do as you age.”

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But yoga’s body benefits aren’t the only reason stars are striking a pose. “It also helps relieve stress, which helps actors with whatever role they're playing,” says Fowler. And actors aren’t the only superstars flocking to the sport, either. “A number of NBA basketball players come to my ‘Yoga for Athletes’ class or watch the DVD on the road,” she says.

Read on to learn how some of the fittest stars use yoga to perfect their bodies, up their games, and clear their heads.

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