Upgrade Your Fitness Bucket List

Push your limits by conquering these 12 life-changing physical challenges

January 25, 2013
If you’ve run a marathon PR…
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Do a 12- or 24-hour race
Finishing your first marathon may inspire you to run another one--even faster. But after a few personal bests, you may wonder what's next. Instead of striving for speed, push your endurance with a 12- or 24-hour race. Competitors typically run the same loop (usually about a mile long) as many times as possible in the designated time span, either solo or as part of a group. (Related: How fit are you? Try these DIY Tests to Help You Find Out.)

Try it: Gemini Adventures hosts races in Wyoming, Utah, and Colorado as part of its 24 Hour Challenge Series. Baby-step your way toward the daylong event with either the 6- or 12-hour contest, or compete as part of a team. Other options include the Labor Pain 12-Hour Endurance Trail Run in Reading PA, the Mind the Ducks 12-Hour Run in Rochester, NY, and the Brazen Running Dirty Dozen in Pinole, CA.

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