14 Time-Saving Exercises

Want to spend less time in the gym? Do multitasking moves that work many muscles at the same time. Here are 14 of the best

October 25, 2012
1. Sprawl
Courtesy of Ramona Braganza
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This martial arts move is like a burpee but your chest and stomach touch the ground. "Going deeper gives the move a greater range of motion and forces you to lift more of your body weight in the pushup portion," says Ramona Braganza, celebrity trainer and creator of the 321 Training Method. It targets all major muscles--including the legs, glutes, chest, back, arms, and abs--and will get your heart rate up. (For more challenging new moves, try these Best New Exercises You Haven't Tried.)

1. Begin standing.
2. Squat down so hands touch the ground.
3. Jump feet back and land softly on your chest and stomach with your feet wide and your head looking at the floor.
4. Push yourself up into a plank pose.
5. Jump feet into squat.
6. Stand up. Repeat 10 times.

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