5 Fitness Foods That Will Make You Fat

Learn which fitness industry junk foods you should avoid if you want to lose weight

May 4, 2012

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Power. Energy. Greatness. These are three words I would like to think describe my fitness routine. They are also three words commonly used on packaging (or in marketing campaigns) for sports drinks, energy bars, and the other packaged foods that make up the bloated "fitness junk food" industry. But if you're an everyday gym-goer, can they really boost your performance? Or are you just shelling out your cash for, well, calories? Probably the latter. "If you add these products to your diet without subtracting other foods, you're just adding back the calories you're burning during exercise," says Eve Pearson, RD, a sports nutritionist in Dallas. Discover the five fitness junk foods that could be making you fat--and their budget-friendly better-for-you alternatives.

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