20 Yoga Poses & What They Should Actually Be Called

Love yoga? Hate yoga? Either way, we know what you're really thinking in class.

May 19, 2014

Child's Pose: Sit Back and Feel Like a Rotisserie Chicken

Eagle Pose: Tangle All of Your Limbs Until You Can't Cross Anything Anymore


Warrior II: Embrace Your Inner Katniss

Seated Twist: An Excuse to Check Out the Hottie to Your Left

Chair Pose: Thigh-Burning Hell on Earth

Mountain Pose: Standing Straight Never Felt So Good

Bridge Pose: Pelvis Thrusting Laugh-Inducer

Downward Dog: Highway to the Slippery Mat Danger Zone

Three-Legged Downward Facing Dog: Being Upside-Down With Two Feet on the Floor Is Overrated

Wide Squat Pose: Try Your Hardest Not to Fart

Standing Half-Forward Bend: You Were More Flexible in High School

Cat Cow Pose: An Excuse to Stare Directly at the Butt in Front of You

Half Moon Pose: Prepare to Fall Over and Embarrass Yourself

Bow Pose: Embrace Your Inner Rocking Chair

Happy Baby Pose: The Most Socially Acceptable Way to Spread Your Legs

Pigeon: You Officially Want a Drink Now

Lotus: Duck, Duck, Goose

Crow Pose: A Clear Representation of Your Yoga Abilities (Or Lack Thereof)

Hero: Reach Up Toward God Even If You Don't Believe in Aforementioned God

Savasana: Thank God This Is Finally Over

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